Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Today is New Year’s Eve and my yearly reflection is bringing me to a deeper understanding of white space.  As a writing teacher and a writer I understand the power of white space on a page.  It emphasizes, it allows, it creates message by its emptiness.

In a recent Weight Watcher’s meeting that I attended, someone was talking about a strategy he was using over the holiday to be intentional about food intake and still to enjoy the holiday.  He raised his awareness of white space.  White space on a plate when partaking in food.  Every item on his plate surrounded by white space.  White space in this context allows for choice with boundaries.  Partaking is possible yet overindulging doesn’t happen when one creates white space on a plate.  I love this simple message.  It seems to be a message to live by in all things.

As I enter 2014, I am aware of my need to create white space in my day-to-day life.  Soon the bustle of teaching, consulting, adjucting, and family obligations (my daughter is getting married in May and I am supporting a couple of family members who are dealing with illness) will be at an all-time high.  Creating white space for writing, for downtime, for reflection and for play is a priority to balance the busyness and to make my life rich.

So in this season of white (I am sitting in my den, with the fireplace to keep me warm as I stare out at a white landscape and the swirling of white snowflakes), I am committing myself to be aware of the white space and to be committed to allowing white space in my everyday life.

Happy New Year!