Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Today I scrolled through my Facebook account, noticing all of the different ways that people are paying tribute to women on this day.  Breast cancer, sexual abuse, "you can do anything you set your mind on", "go for it", equality for women worldwide--all ways that individual persons highlighted an aspect of the importance of women in our world.  I watched a hauntingly beautiful a cappella version of Lady Gag's "Till It Happens to You", paying tribute to women throughout the world who have suffered from abuse (see below for the link).  Each pointing to an aspect of the importance of women and our contribution.

I appreciate these grand scale gestures.  I really do.  They inspire me and make me want to do something to make a difference.  And I know that for me to make the most difference, there is a level that this happens best in my knowing and loving myself--just the way I am.  Not grand scale--rather the gesture is a simple one of acknowledgement of self and bringing that self to my daily activities and to the relationships of those I care about and those I interact with as I go through my day.  Recently, I was asked to create an acrostic poem with my name, documenting parts of me that are gifts to me and to others.  Somehow for me, taking a day like International Women's Day to a level where each of us pay tribute to the gifts we bring is an important tribute all in itself.    Below is my "Deborah" poem.  What poem can you create that shows the essence of who you are and what gifts you have to offer?  All of us, with our gifts and our weaknesses, our blessings and our tribulations, our push to be better and our acceptance of who we are, make a mosaic of beauty that celebrates today on International Women's Day.  Celebrate today.  We each make the world a better place.

      D  aring to be me
      E  loquent
      B  eautiful
      O  pen-Hearted
      R  esponsive
      A dorably Funny
      H appy

 Till It Happens To You (A Cappella Cover of Lady Gaga's Song)

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers community for promoting the March Writers' Challenge.  Thanks for giving writers and educators a forum for writing and responding.  Your service to education and educators is valued and appreciated.


  1. That's a powerful song - thanks for sharing it today, when it is so appropriate.

  2. That's a powerful song - thanks for sharing it today, when it is so appropriate.

  3. Absolutely adorably funny!! And, yes, begin with you is a powerful place to start!!

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