Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Honoring Spring From My Archives: March Tug O War

March Tug-o-War (An Archived Post)

Every year at this time, when weather is warmer and I know Spring will eventually win out, I think of this poem.  Today was one of those Rochester spring days.  I wrote it several years ago and it still feels fresh to me.  I hope you enjoy this poem that I had so much fun writing.

It’s tug-o-war time once again—
Seasons’ in a tiff.
Winter wants to have its way
Giving Spring mischief.

Yesterday was balmy—
Warm wind filled the air.
Today it’s cold and gray outside
With Winter’s lasting dare.

Back and forth they tug the rope
Each struggling to win
One day flowers a bloomin’
Next day snow begins.

“I will win this tug-o-war!”
Winter loudly gloats.
Spring keeps pulling, shouting back,
“Put away those coats!”

The war goes on and days do pass
With Winter finally tired.
So Spring puts up a mighty push
To get the win desired.

The world’s awash in green and warm
As new birth fully sprouts
Spring is here in all its force
And Winter is shutout.

“Don’t be cocky, Springtime,”
Winter weakly drawls.
“I’ll be back to win this war
When I can sprawl with Fall.”

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  1. I love that! Lovely read to begin the day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This poem clearly illustrates our struggle with winter in the northeast. Spring flirts with our emotions, yet I always watch my back expecting another slam from winter.

  3. Love that ending, "sprawl with fall". We are in the 60's & 70's this week, but could have a blizzard next week. Your poem is exactly right-well done!

  4. Thanks, Linda! My favorite line also is "sprawl with fall". Let's hope that spring wins over that blizzard. Eventually she will. Always does.

  5. Well, sprawl with fall wins my vote, too. Your poem brought our first taste of Spring!