Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Teeter on the Edge of Longing

 In the winter of my sadness
the silence of snow and
white covered me.
Anticipation forgotten.
The long nights and
short days blended
with ice and grey
numbing desire
within to slumber.

Today, God, I teeter on the edge
of longing.
I look back on the
bleak landscape of a year gone by,
of endless days of grey and ice.
                        of death
                                                of mourning
                                                                                    of sickness and sadness—
when longing was silenced
and waiting replaced
by a deadly stillness.

Through all, You were there with me
witnessing my grief
silently comforting
waiting for me to notice
life beyond and within
the mystery of my suffering.

Today I heard a robin chirp.
A warmer breeze touched by cheeks
turning my lips upward.
A window opened
and a whisper of longing
entered in with the
warmth of the breeze
awakening my silent soul.

Oh God of endings and beginnings
You who wait for me and long for my fulfillment
Help me to yearn again.
I am awake now.
And I want to see the possibilities.
I want to dream.
                                    to know the fulfillment
                                                                        that you have known for me
                                                            all along.



  1. Thank God for spring, for hope, for life. They're all worth waiting for!

  2. Beautiful! My favorite line - "You who wait for me and long for my fulfillment.." Such a powerful reminder of His patience and everlasting love.

  3. Deborah, the Lord knows how he would like us to be fulfilled. The wait often seems unbearable but the promise of fulfillment will allow the waiting to be endured. Your message is clear.

  4. A beautiful reflection of truth.

  5. "Today I heard a robin chirp."

    I wish you so many robins, Deb. You deserve each and every one.