Sunday, March 31, 2013


Thank you to Stacey and to Ruth for hosting all of our stories and being a conduit for their telling this past month.  I was first introduced to the Story Teller figurines when I was in New Mexico in 2007.   The figurines tell their story and hold others as a means for them also to tell their story.   Together through the voice of the Storyteller, all of the stories are told.   I can’t think of a more a fitting analogy for this website and for the graciousness of Ruth and Stacey this past month.  Thank you for being the vessel that has allowed all of us to sing our stories.  Thank you for being the vessel from which we could begin to listen to each other and respond.  Together  we have made beautiful music.
Together we have made beautiful music!

I hold my story,
You listen and release it—
Together we sing.