Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Small Moment Sonnet

I have been taking a poetry class this summer and have been experimenting with different kinds of forms.  Last week I posted a small moment written in couplets.  This week is a sonnet small moment nestled into a fairy tale.  This has been hard work and a work in progress.  It has been fun and is still a work in progress.


The five of us kids looked forward to treat night when on
Thursday evening we watched Bewitched.   Samantha twitched her nose, 
changing the real into magic, like a fairy godmother, whose waving wand
allowed Cinderella to go to a ball to meet the prince of her dreams.

At our weekly gala, fairy dust sprinkled and we were bequeathed chips of choice 
with one can of store brand soda--root beer, cola, orange or lemon-lime.
We children ate our Cheetos and drank our nectar gazing at the black and white screen
as we nestled into an evening of enchanted abundance--all we had ever known.

Then the clock struck midnight and our nine o’clock bedtime,
and as carriage and footmen were but mice and a pumpkin, 
as a young woman bolted, leaving behind a slipper--a wisp of hope,
we children fled in tattered bedclothes, a trail of chip crumbs marking our trail.

With chips and pop devoured, tummies full and rings of orange soda lining lips,
we slid between covers and night dreams that hoped our prince would someday come.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for dedicating space and time for teachers and teachers of literacy to come together to share ideas, practice and life experience.



  1. Deborah, wow! I love this! You embedded your small moment memory into a fairy tale and as I read it I could feel your memory because it touched a memory nerve in me. I have similar memories from childhood. Thanks for this wonderful and courageous small moment!

  2. Do I dare say, those were the days? But truly they were, as I search my memory and find those moments stand out. Truly a delightful sonnet!

  3. Having those special times meant so much, and you've put them into a sonnet-wow, Deborah. I remember Samantha well, no cheetos, but homemade milkshakes & popcorn. Thanks for the memories!

  4. I love the craft of this and also the fond memories of watching Bewitched. We probably ate chips, too. But somehow I remember tuna sandwiches. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh! "our weekly gala" What a delightful memory, so magically (nose twitchingly) captured here in a sonnet form. I want to go play kick the can now... xo

  6. Time travel fun - your sonnet took me down memory lane, too. I did love Samantha!

  7. Treat night, weekly gala, nectar, enchanted abundance...what a slice! At our house, it was Disney on Sunday nights with a pan of buttered popcorn. Your sonnet is wonderful!

  8. This is wonderful! Your sonnet brought me right back to when I also enjoyed watching "Bewitched!" That's the magical thing about writing, isn't it - you can connect us all!

  9. I especially like "enchanted abundance," "a trail of chip crumbs marking our trail," and "rings of orange soda lining lips." You included a lot of great details!