Thursday, August 27, 2015

Keep the Focus

Right now I have several distractions in my life at home and at school.  They are the things that keep calling out to me…”Pay attention to me.”  “Give me your energy and time.”  “I am what is important.”  But they are distractors.  They are pointing me in the wrong direction.  They are the things that cause me to go to places of self-doubt, resentment, gossip, and even a bit of hopelessness.

But those things that keep my eye on what is important give me energy and a sense of purpose and belonging.  Today I choose to keep my eye on those things.  One tool I use to keep balance and look at the important is examining my four natures.

Today I will focus on my health and loving my physical body.  In recent months I have had a growing acceptance of my body.  Recently I went to visit my mom.  Out of the blue Mom said to me, “I hate my stomach.  I know you do too.”  And my response was, “No, mom, lately I have been loving my stomach.”  Her response, “No you don’t.  Don’t lie to me.”  Mine to her…”Really, mom, I have been loving my body. I love my stomach”  I find that that compassionate stance with a vessel that has taken me through thick and thin has allowed me to take care of myself in a loving way.  To eat right.  To exercise.  To live in what I have been given.  And to accept myself where I am. 

Today I will focus on the relationships in front of me and build capacity in my life to love deeply.  I have two adult children who I dearly love.  I have friends who adore me and who I adore.   Today, as I get caught up in things that don’t go the way I might want, or get hurt because of something said not quite right, or wish for love not being offered, I will take a breath and ask myself how can I best build love.  That will take me where I want to go.

My mental domain has been square in the middle of school.  School started two weeks ago (in upstate NY that is so rare as school typically begins after Labor Day).  But at school I am and there are hundreds of details and some big pieces that are unknown and scary for some.  So…today I am keeping my focus on the students in my school.  We have over 400 of them--all coming to learn and to develop skills that will help them at school and in life.  I will keep my focus on them when other distractors come along.  When I find my time eaten up or my focus on the minutia, I will remind myself of the students and ask myself if what I am doing that contributes to my desire to give the best school experience possible for these young people.

Today I will give myself time for quiet and reflection.  Time to write to hear my voice and to write to give myself the possibility to touch on inner wisdom that is bigger than who I am.  It is in that space, I know my best self and understand my life purpose.  It is in that space that I can know self-acceptance and self-love.  It is in that space that I see who I am and see me as God sees me.  When I center, when I pray, when I reflect--to me they are all the same, I find peace.  Here is the place I really keep the focus.  And with that focus, giving back is natural and balance is inevitable. 

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  1. Deborah, this is another one of your thoughtful posts. I am intrigued by where you are located since school started for you already?

    1. I do like your reflection using the four natures of your being.

  2. Love your post on keeping the focus and ignoring distractors.

  3. Your post is so beautiful and genuine. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  4. Distractors are deadly. Thank you for reminding us to keep FOCUS (my One Little Word this year)! Your mother's words were so sad - I'm glad you stayed focused and could share your newfound body acceptance and love. Maybe that will help her rethink the way she looks at herself. I loved the structure of your post. We all need to be thinking about taking care of our four domains! It's so hard not to lose focus of at least one of them in this busy time.

  5. I appreciate your wisdom and calm so much, Deb. xx

  6. I appreciate your wisdom and calm so much, Deb. xx