Monday, April 1, 2013


Today begins poetry month.  Several of my friends asked me if I was going to write a poem a day, for this month in April, and quite honestly, the thought of putting me through that process quakes me to my bones.  I am afraid of poetry.  I am afraid that giving to 30 day of poetry writing will show that I don’t have 30 days of poetry in me.  I am afraid that my words are not musical enough.  I am afraid that I don’t know enough to write GOOD poetry.   And unlike last month (which did create some poems), when I knew I could fall back on prose for which I can do if I only have the idea, I am not sure that I have the resources to fall back on poetry.

This is what I do know about my writing and how it relates to poetry.  It often is deep.  Not surprising—so am I.  It contains analogies that are pleasing.  It can be wordy—and poetry isn’t.    I am reflective by nature and I think that poetry arises from that reflective space.

So my thinking is—don’t fret.  I am giving myself this month to enjoy the poetry from other blogs and celebrate who I am in this process of writing.  Maybe publish poetry that I find particularly appealing on my blog.  Maybe publish a poem or two of mine—no pressure or obligation.   And let my poet within develop.  I am someone who wants to be a poet.  I think I have a mind of a poet.   I am emerging as a poet.   And that is something to celebrate!


  1. I am afraid of poetry too. It's one of the reasons why I love Amy's blog so much. She doesn't simply share her poems, she walks her readers through the process that she used to create them. I don't know that I have thirty days of anything in me right now. I need to rest and fill up again. I like your mindset, Deb.

  2. Thanks, Angela. Your words are very helpful to me.

  3. I hope you have much fun this month, & you don't have to do poetry! For those of us who love it, it's an exciting time, but for others, they write prose very well, & it's all embraced, I think. Best to you in this new adventuring, Deborah!

  4. Thanks, Linda. I love it too. Just a place of extra push that I am building up to being ready for. Thanks for all of your encouragement last month.