Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Spring slowly unfolds in Rochester.  It demands a noticing.  With eyes alert to see the movements of winter changing to spring, spring is becoming.  It takes eyes of noticing. As I notice, my world becomes rich.  Recently in my yoga class I was reminded of this message.  This poem highlights some areas of noticing important to me.  As a teacher of writing, as I notice my life, in all of its richness and all of its power, in its suffering and its celebration--holding it in non-judgment--in an act of noticing...I can then be a conduit to allow others to take on this tool as well. 

Today at yoga
the message heard—
Notice my body
as it stretches
into poses that open.
Notice the quiet
 yearnings that erupt
 in silence between breaths.

Notice the slow movement
of spring awakening.
The honking of geese
northward bound to summer home.
The daffodils still popped green
with yellow lying dormant
waiting to erupt with continued
warm days.

Notice the movements within others
when listening with heart.
The dimpled half smile revealing
anticipation and anxiety
over hope for new beginnings.
The blinked back tears of
a son mourning a dad and a life
that can’t be.

Notice the inner ramblings
that come with silence
and heart listening.
That come with heeding
 the inner and the outer.
The quiet yearnings that erupt
 in silence between breaths.
The awakening of spring within.



  1. Hi Deborah. Our spring has been put on hold-a blizzard is upon us today in Denver! We have a snow day, a welcome gift! I love the challenge to 'notice' in your poem, & the examples. And I especially like "Notice the inner ramblings
    that come with silence
    and heart listening." Sometimes that is what we ignore in our busy, busy lives. Thanks!

  2. I love how you notice....I love how the yoga seems to center you. It makes me want to stretch out and listen too. xo

  3. Beautiful!Thank you for reminding me to notice life around me!