Friday, March 14, 2014


“When life gives you lemons make pi!
Math makes me pers pi ire.
Love is like pi—natural, irrational and very important.
Why can’t all pi just get oblong?
My blog topic changed from what I thought it would be when I saw that today is pie day…or should I say pi day?  I am not a math lover and certainly not a math expert, but I am in for a celebration any day—especially when it involves pi…or should I say pie?  Yesterday I was venturing out to get some bread from a favorite bakery.  They greeted me with this sign:  We are celebrating Pi Day by selling only square pies because everyone knows that Pi = R Square.  Sounds like a fine celebration to me…today I celebrating PI day too.  Happy Pi Day!!!  I wanted to buy one of those pies yesterday, but they didn’t go on sale till today and I have a full day at school.  Working with Kindergarteners and their teachers will likely not give me reason to celebrate this holiday, so on my way home from work I will pick up one of those square pies (because everyone knows that pi are square) and will celebrate with my family over some yummy pie for dessert.  I will also be calling my high school math teacher friend to celebrate him and to celebrate math with him.

Here is a poem and a web site to help you celebrate Pi Day or Pi any day!

      Pi (π)

A pi was discovered,
In ancient Greek times,
Didn't have apples,
Bananas, or limes...

Unlike desserts,
Those pies people eat,
This pi's a math constant,
But it's still really sweet...

Pi's pretty easy,
It’s 3.14,
It used to confuse me,
But not anymore!

I use it for math,
It's really quite swell,
Although it's irrational,
Pi works pretty well...

Areas of circles?
Try πr 2
It's the cool constant,
It deserves to be shared... 

For circumference you need,
A quick formuli,
Here it is mister,
You gotta' use pi!
Yes, pi's the cool constant,
Without it I'd cry,
'Cause I'd fail my math,
If I tried to use pie...
           by Mr. R

Click  here for other cute pie limericks and a music video on Mr. R's Website celebrating Pi Day!

PLAY-TITUDE #14:  Celebrate everything that comes your way.  Happy Pi Day!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for dedicating space and time for writers and teachers of writing to come together to share ideas, practice and life experience.


  1. Happy Pi Fay, sweet
    Deb! We are so on the same wavelength it's spooky! xo, a.

  2. Happy Pi Fay, sweet
    Deb! We are so on the same wavelength it's spooky! xo, a.

  3. Happy Pi Day. I didn't know that. I am sending your poem to a couple of my math friends. I love it!

  4. I love the idea of square pies! What a fun treat! Happy Pi day to you too!