Sunday, March 9, 2014

PLAY-TITUDE #9: Rejuvenation Found in the Pages of a Book!

This afternoon I got lost in the pages of a wonderful book.  To me there is nothing more playful than visualizing story, becoming friends with characters and having pages take me to a new place.   I am an introvert by nature and I have come to love that some of my best playtime is totally along.  Rejuvenation happens most easily by myself.  Alone is where I gain energy to fully participate in a world that I love.  It is not that I don’t like to be with people—I love my friends and family.  My job requires a social engagement, which I love and find very rewarding.  I do find that I rejuvenate most easily when I have alone play time. 

And today I played alone lost in the pages of a book.  I have books all over my house inviting me to play.  Currently I am reading three books.  This afternoon I got lost in The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce.  What wonderful story telling!   Joyce explores the extraordinary in the ordinary in a compelling and beguiling way.  I wish I had another few hours to be cast under the spell of her words.  They will wait for me to play again soon.   

I am also reading Tiny Beautiful Things, by Carol Strayed and an oldie but goody, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.  Books call me to play from my nightstand, my bathtub, my coffee table, my kitchen table.  Books everywhere calling me to play.

Some of the books calling me are:
The Invention of Wings by Susan Monk Kidd (I will read this for my April book club.)
The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
8 Habits of Love, by Ed Bacon
The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, by Anton DiSclafani
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
The Way Life Should Be, by Christina Kline
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.
Writing Alone and with Others, by Pat Schneider
Bird by Bird, by Ann Lamont
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, by Dave Eggers
When Women Were Birds, by Terry Tempest Williams
Wild, by Cheryl Strayed
There are others…far too many playmates for this introverted girl.  Below is a link to a Ted talk by Susan Cain, author of Quiet, who talks about the power of introverts. 

One powerful aspect of introverted play is that most introverts, including myself, are very happy to play alone at times.  Play is recreating—either by oneself or with others.  Reading is one way I love to play alone.  (And then I love to play with others as I talk about books in my book club.)

What are some ways that you play alone to rejuvenate?
PLAY-TITUDE #9:  Alone play can be very rewarding!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for dedicating space and time for writers and teachers of writing to come together to share ideas, practice and life experience.


  1. Reading is at the top of my list. Titles I've read from your list are Wild, Secret Keeper and Fault in Our Stars. All good reads for me. Got several to put on my to be read list from your list.

  2. I like reading and writing but my favorite is scrapbooking. I love designing and creating new layouts with pictures I've taken...thanks for sharing some of your favorites. I still need to read The Fault in Our Stars

    1. Amy, I wish I knew more how to scrapbook. I am collecting memorabilia from all aspects leading up to Rachel's wedding and would love to put a book together for her. What a nice playtime activity you have. And one that brings great benefit to you and to those you love.

  3. Like you, I play in books too but in fits and starts. Often there are three to five going at once. Right now there are only two (one audio (David and Goliath) and one on my iPad (Double Down)). I always gobble up the fiction and then slowly plod through the non-fiction (it is easier to put down and pick up later). Alone time is important, even if you are not an introvert. My favorite past time is tackling all things technology (I love problem solving). There seem to be quite a few self reflecting posts going around:)

  4. Good Morning,
    Are you enjoying, "The Artist's Way," my typist Mrs. Hodges has wanted to read it.
    My personal favorite is "Bird by Bird," by Anne Lamott. But I would have named it "Mouse by Mouse."
    Thank you for suggesting so many good books.
    I love to read too, and get lost in the pages of a book.
    I am also an introvert.
    It has been a pleasure meeting you.
    All the best,
    love Pooh

    1. Pooh,
      I am loving the Artist's Way. And it is a pleasure to meet you, too!
      My best,

  5. Just blogging around and found your blog. So good to see you here blogging. So many deserted blogs these days. Thank you for letting me visit.

  6. I loved The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce. It made me want to go on pilgrimage. I got very angry with Cheryl Strayed and almost abandoned Wild, but I stuck with it, and with Cheryl through some bad decision making, and was rewarded in the end.

  7. I so loved The Invention of Wings! What a lot of wonderful books you have set aside for reading fun.

  8. They say not everyone who wanders is lost. Then again losing yourself in a book is the ultimate compliment one can pay an author. An interesting list of books. I have read the writing related books you mentioned.

    1. I love your response, Alan. I am a firm believer that wandering is another part of the journey. And being lost in a book...well...let me wander for a little while. Glad to jump back on the path in a little while!

  9. I love reading as well, and writing and playing with words in both ways! I also love music and dancing around, whether in my house or in my car... and this is most definitely best enjoyed alone!!