Sunday, March 23, 2014


“Touch has a memory.”  ~John Keats

Playfulness is sensate.  If you think about it, much play involves using one of the senses to experience something fully.  Today I am going to write about one of my favorite (and I think most ignored of senses)—that of touch.  Remember the science experiment in grade school where you reached inside a paper bag and touched an object without use of other senses to recognize it?  Often identification was not possible without being coupled with vision, sound, smell or taste.  Yet, our sense of touch brings about a powerful sense of play as well as a sense of connection and well-being.  Below is a happy list poem that I created about the playfulness and connection of touch.  These are ways I have experienced (or perhaps wanted to experience) play and touch during our March challenge.

Celebrate Touch

Today I choose touch to experience my world.
My body moving across pavement, arms cranking, legs pumping
Sand between toes, as waves lap gently across my feet
Lips touching lips softly with a lover’s first kiss
Movement of Zumba, sweat sliding across my brow and rolling down my cheek
New born baby skin soft and fresh—nothing more magical
A light breeze letting me caress spring’s first blush
Touching of a friend as we dance the jitterbug
The heat of the sun touching my face and calling me to shed my jacket
A child’s gentle hug, around my leg and or neck, whispering connection
Squishy, gooey clay passing through my fingers as it changes form
Massage touch, digging in allowing passage of stress and space for joy
A motor purring kitten stroking me with soft fur
Arms extended in exuberance
A heated bath, steam greeting me as I lower my body into its cocoon

Touch has power.  Touch connects us.  Touch is a passage for play.  What are ways that you have experienced the playfulness of touch?

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for dedicating space and time for writers and teachers of writing to come together to share ideas, practice and life experience.


  1. Your words remind me that our sense of touch is powerful to our emotions. When we lack the touch of love, we are lonely and afraid. We need to remember the power of gentle touching and play.

  2. When I think about it, I can remember exactly how each one of my former pets' fur felt, just one of the many feelings that touch brings, Deborah. Nice to remember & then the memory connects to the sounds & the smells, tastes, etc. Thanks for bringing this to us!

  3. What a lovely post, Deborah - so many sensory details linked to memories...