Monday, March 18, 2013


“Pay attention to the space between,” my yoga teacher says as we move from one pose to another.  “Notice not only the events, but the movement between the events.”  My body slows down as I move from Child’s Pose to Downward Facing Dog—noticing not only the beginning pose or the final pose, but the flow from one pose to the next.  That space between events.

How often this is true in my day to day life.  I notice the event.
 The birthday. 
The holiday. 
The workshop. 
The meeting. 
And what slips away are the moments between.  
The sunrise or sunset as I drive to or from. 
The aromas as I prepare the meal. 
The exchange or glance that shows more than tells. 
The feelings that occur before the event… Anticipation…fear…excitement…dread.   
As if those moments don’t count.  Or they don’t have as much meaning as the actual event.

Life happens in the transitions.  They are the moments of wondering.  Not happening.  They are the moments of noticing.  Not doing.  They are the moments of anticipation.  Not performing.  They are the links between.   And when those moments in between are lived fully, life is lived fulfilledly.   The vacation planned with family over dinners and over brochures, over laughs and excitement sometimes even surpasses the vacation—and certainly enhances the vacation.  The shopping for just the right gift and the painstaking planning for the party or the wrapping of the gift with creativity and caring, holds the person being honored in a way that extends the celebration.  Life in the transitions expands the event.  

It is like that in writing.   Transitions are the connecters.  They bring one event to fullness as they link to the next event.   They link theme to support and evidence.  They link beginning, middle and end.  As writers, we sometimes take for granted the transitions, yet the transitions are a space that holds the writing together.  Moves the writing from thoughtful to meaningful.  Sometimes silently.   Just like in life.

Today I choose to hold the transitions.  I choose to view and live those moments of passing between with acknowledgement, wonder and fullness.  This happens for me through reflection.  By going to the yoga mat and taking time to notice the space between poses, I begin to notice the space between in the day to day movements of my life.  By sharing with a friend through tears and laughter our bonds become greater than the events that connect us.  I write not just for the finished product, but for the process that makes writing meaningful and fulfilling.  By writing in a daily way, I deepen the meaning of my writing as I focus not only on the slice but the spaces between the slices.   

Life happens in the transitions.  


  1. Wow what an awesome slice! So thought provoking...your words are many thoughts I have had but you put them down so perfectly...beautiful!

  2. It is often noted that the "white space" of writing in poetry is also important. Lots of blanks in life are meaningful.

  3. Today I hope that I can notice the transitions. I'm thinking that I move to fast. I want to notice the faces, the pauses. It seems like for the most part, we are a little uncomfortable with it. I know when my husband pauses and doesn't answer my question right away it makes me crazy. xo

  4. Thank you for the energy I received while reading your post today. Some transitions can also be transferrable.

  5. It's a beautiful thought, to hold onto & notice that which is 'in-between', Deb. I often think of it as capturing what I did not notice today, & I work at it constantly. I loved hearing the way you connected with your yoga work. Since I don't do yoga, I didn't know about those "spaces". Thanks!

  6. Brilliant! This is world-class writing Deb. And more importantly, this is a message that we can all take to heart, which will help us to grow and enjoy life along the way. Love you! Fred.

  7. The connections between your yoga practice and your writing are so wise and true. It is inspiring to see these two parts of life informing each other. I am taking this post to heart. Thank you again, Deb.

  8. I read this this morning, but didn't have time to comment. I found myself thinking back to this all day. Thanks.

  9. Your post brought to mind one of my favorite poems by Judy Brown....
    What makes fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space.
    Thank you!