Sunday, March 10, 2013


A first draft poem, written at a too early time...

My phone’s alarm just called to me
This brand new Sunday day.
“Wake up, wake up,” it rang to me
But my body said, “No way!

Can’t you see its dark outside!
It’s not seven in the morn.
I still feel tired and groggy
My body is still worn.”

My alarm says bright and chipper--
“You lose an hour’s sleep
Today begins a brand new day
With an hour of light to keep.

You’ll see it later in the day
When evening is light.
For now its dark and dismal out,
But it really isn’t night.”

I pull myself out of the bed
Not ready to start this day.
But, yes, I know, the time is right
Despite what darkness may say.

 I look forward to  six months from now
when my phone lets me sleep in.
An hour extra sleep I’ll get
Before that day begins.


  1. I love this. Poetry has a way of helping us to put our thoughts in small digestible stanzas. This is perfect!

  2. Very clever. Dismal is indeed the word for loosing an hour of sleep! Maybe I'll have to take a nap later :-)

  3. Fun! Breezy!! In fact, I miss Daylight Saving Time here in Indonesia where it's pretty much the same sunrise and sunset all year round. And really quick.

  4. Lovely sound and rhythm in this piece. Feels bright and awake even if you want to sleep.

  5. Your words capture the smack in the face that losing just an hour can give you. I too will miss that hour.

  6. I look forward on to falling back on the day that we have to lose an hour too. Your poem captured that for me. xo

  7. This is wonderful, Deb, just the sentiment for many of us. Once we get used to it, it'll be okay, yet I always bemoan the fact I've lost an hour. Yeh for getting it back next fall!

  8. I love how the last stanza gives hope to us all!

  9. I asked my hubby this morning - just what are we saving by switching times. It this really a necessity? I'm always an early riser, but this morning was even tough for me. But to put a positive outlook - we get an extra hour of daylight. Your poem said it all. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm dreading tomorrow's alarm at 5:30, because I know it's REALLY 4:30!

  11. I love the flow to your poem-it's just how I imagine my conversations with my alarm clock if it could talk. The sun was just starting to appear when I woke up at 6 for school. Thanks to daylight savings that was just a tease and it will be pitch black yet again tomorrow morning!

  12. Perfect! I love the extra light at the end of the day, but when my alarm went off this morning, it felt like the middle of the night. Wait, it actually kind of was! ICK!