Friday, March 15, 2013


Sometimes life spins and the thing that makes sense to stop the spinning is to stop and come from a place of gratitude.  Today is one of those days.  Thus my gratitude list for today.

Today I am grateful for acknowledging stuck and scared and choosing out of that space;

I am grateful for friendship and support;

I am grateful for words—written and spoken that make my world rich beyond my hopes;

I am grateful for the twists and turns of life that make the world both interesting and sometimes scary;

I am grateful for two adult children who are making their own way in their world in ways that they choose and I am grateful for my role in their life of support, guide and celebrator;

I am grateful for my morning coffee in my green glazed mug, connecting me to aroma and warmth—warmth of the drink starting my day and body and the warmth of the friend who made the mug for me;

I am grateful for being enough, having enough and giving enough;

I am grateful for my yoga class and ways I am seeing my body getting stronger and my spirit allowing what is;

I am grateful for a new day—another beginning allowing freshness and openness to the unfolding.


  1. I just read another list that was about being grateful also. Thanks to you also for the reminders of all we have to celebrate!

  2. I love the way you seesaw between big ideas and little details. Nice list.

  3. We have so much to be grateful for every day. I love that you took the time to consider what was right in your world and pay homage to it.

  4. amen on the coffee in a special mug...we do have so much and I think the pausing at least weekly is such a great practice xo

  5. I tried to write about my special mug today and set it aside because there were so many things about it I couldn't find a way to make it flow. I'll need to pull it out again.