Thursday, March 28, 2013


My body is more than a vehicle which carries me through my life.  It is a storehouse for my memories, a sensitive radar kit which warns me of danger, a wise teacher who signals me how best to care for my spirit.  When I listen to my body I am led into right and wise decisions.  When I seriously take the guidance it offers, I make decisions which honor me in a holistic way.

                                                                   ~Julia Cameron

I am learning to listen to my body and signals it gives toward balance.  Tonight I am listening and through that listening I am going to choose to honor my body. 

My mind is saying write.  You only have five more days.  You are at the wire and you need to cross the finish line. 

And my wise and tired body is saying sleep.  You can honor your commitment to yourself and writing with balance.  You are tired.  Go to sleep.   Use the quote.  Use your truth.  And honor that truth. 

So tonight’s writing is minimal.  While Julia Cameron’s quote is expansive.

Friday begins Spring break…


  1. I felt the same way last week, and I am enjoying my break now. Good for you for listening, and also heeding! I love the quote-enough said!

  2. You can make it ...I know that you can. I am finding it harder this week to slice because of all the pulls of fun on vacation...though it has given me a few slices also. xo

  3. I think we are all tired this week. You'll write more tomorrow. I hope you get a good night's rest!

  4. Every day has a different need. I'm glad you are pushing yourself to complete.