Friday, March 8, 2013


I have been reading all about snow days down south and am noticing the swings in the weather that happens during this season.  I wrote this playful poem about winter and spring having a tug-of-war.  Who wins?  Spring I hope!!  

It’s tug-o-war time once again—
Seasons’ in a tiff.
Winter wants to have its way
Giving Spring mischief.

Yesterday was balmy—
Warm wind filled the air.
Today it’s cold and gray outside
With Winter’s lasting dare.

Back and forth they tug the rope
Each struggling to win
One day flowers a bloomin’
Next day snow begins.

“I will win this tug-o-war!”
Winter loudly gloats.
Spring keeps pulling, shouting back,
“Put away those coats!”

The war goes on and days do pass
With Winter finally tired.
So spring puts up a mighty push
To get the win desired.

The world’s awash in green and warm
As new birth fully sprouts
Spring is here in all its force
And Winter is shutout.

“Don’t be cocky, Springtime,”
Winter weakly drawls.
I’ll be back to win this war
When I can sprawl with Fall.


  1. WOW! So talented! This should be in books--I shall share it with my students today. What a creative idea to have winter and spring perform a tug 'o war. Lots of fav words but loved ending with "sprawl with Fall"

  2. This is awesome!! I've often used the tug of war conflict in my writing...but never like this. Your stanza's are each so perfect and compelling with the examples.
    Just lovely!

  3. You are the type of poet I just love for my second graders! Write more...please!

    1. If you love this, I highly recommend that you go to Amy VanderWater's poem website. Her site is:

      She is a poet for children and her work is wonderful. Her first book, Forest Has a Song, is being published this month. Enjoy!

  4. I want this..."Spring keeps pulling, shouting back,
    “Put away those coats!”
    I loved the poem and so will my kiddos. Thanks!

  5. This weather makes no sense! Your poem perfectly expresses the back and forth pull of the weather. Thanks for thinking about it so creatively!

  6. Do I hear a children's picture book in the making?

  7. I loved the pictures I saw as I read this. I agree, a picture book needs to be made.