Monday, March 25, 2013


~verb (used with object)
     ~to take pleasure in; like; enjoy.

Today was one of those days.   I did not relish it.  I was worried in it.  I was overwhelmed in it.  I was sad in it.  Today was just one of those days.

And in this one of those days, I am taking a moment to relish.  To relive the moments and recognize the the good.  The pleasure and like.

Today I relished eating breakfast with my daughter.  Drinking coffee and eating freshly made bread while talking of the important and unimportant;

Today I relished an email from a friend.  Recognizing gifts I have for her and asking me for support.  Knowing that the gifts lie in our relationship and our connection to each other.

Today I relished rigorously cleaning my kitchen.  Washing floors and counters.  Cleaning out.

Today I relished the words I wrote for my blog and also in a letter.  Creating space and time for the important.  Naming the important with my words.

Today I relished spending time with a friend at her house.  Doing the ordinary.  Knowing the ordinary was couched in unending support.

Today I relished seeing my son.  Knowing he is fine and will be fine.

Today I relished the quick step I had as I ran to the car with my groceries.  Recognizing my energy and a lightness of being that comes from exercise and good eating.

Today I relished creating work that will make a difference to the teachers I meet with this week.  Knowing that the time spent will benefit students.  Knowing that my work supports.

Today I relished a hot bath.  Relaxing my body, mind and spirit.  Rejuvenating self with candles and the works.

Today I relished feeling.  Feeling sad.  Feeling overwhelmed.  Feeling worried.  Feeling to my bone.

Today I relished balance, even when everything feels out of whack.  Choosing to look at--to relish-- what is—not rely on what is felt.


  1. Relish is a wonderful word. I loved that you relished vigorously cleaning your kitchen. I was relishing laundering all my bedding and bath towels...
    Sunny and spring like after a bout of being blue and overworked.
    I related to your post.

  2. Sending love to you, Deb. You took a sad day and turned it into poetry. You're a great teacher in so many ways....

  3. Going through your day gives pause to honor each of these moments...noticing a way to relish each!

  4. I like how you begin with the word and pull yourself to it like someone drowning pulls herself to safety. Sadness passes thank you for the reminder. Sending sunshine for your heart.
    -Lee Ann

  5. Your relish list was long. It is good to live in gracefulness especially when your heart really wants to grieve.

  6. I hope the sadness passes quickly.

  7. Even in difficulty there are so many things to relish(what a perfect word choice). You have shared a powerful lesson.